Our Approach

Anyone can generate content – but it takes real community understanding to build trust.

Advertising & Digital Media

We leverage an integrated marketing approach including traditional and non-traditional advertising mediums to reach and engage audiences. Our experts draw from deep connections with diverse local and national media and can micro-target audiences to successfully influence behavior. 

Communication & Public Relations

More than helping place stories in the media. We create messages with language and culture in mind, using ethnic and mainstream channels to provide trusted and relevant information.  

Community Engagement

We connect with diverse communities, through door knocking, event planning, and in person activations – lowering barriers to entry and building trust. Our team partners with community groups, small businesses, and other organizations to amplify our message and deepen local connections.  

Analytics & Research

Our strategies are informed by foundational research, predictive analytics, and data visualization to drive insights about our audiences. ASG conducts primary and secondary research to guide campaigns. We then evaluate key metrics throughout a project to fine-tune our approach and successfully engage hard-to-reach communities.  

Multilingual Contact Center

Our agents handle inbound and outbound calls in at least 5 key languages. ASG provides helpful information about available resources and offers personalized assistance to manage each case. 

Content Development

We use authenticity and experience to bridge the gap between traditional content development strategies and the needs of diverse communities. ASG “trans-creates” materials – rather than translate an ad from English, our creative team develops unique multilingual assets with imagery and references that culturally resonate.  

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