Diversity is The Secret Sauce

Who is ASG?   

Archipelago Strategies Group, better known as ASG, is a minority and woman owned multicultural, full-service marketing agency that has an intentional approach to helping all communities gain access to critical information and resources. Our strategies are deeply informed by the community, and we empower the voices that are being left out. Our main focus is marketing with purpose.   

What is the Mission?  

ASG believes that integrated marketing strategies and grassroots mobilization are the key to breaking through the noise. Partnering with our clients, we have increased access for our communities in Massachusetts to: 

  • Health Care 
  • Education 
  • Economic Opportunities 
  • And this list is ever growing!  

ASG is rooted in one simple principle: inclusivity. Everyone deserves to have equal access to information, resources, and opportunities and we strive every day to tip the scales in our communities closer to being equal.   

What is the Secret Sauce?   

What is the secret to our success? Like any good organization, we have multiple reasons behind our success but one of our main ones is our diverse workforce. We believe that our workforce diversity is our secret sauce for our creativity and success in supporting our communities.   

Anyone can generate content, but it takes real community understanding to build trust and know how to empower the voices of our people. These people are our friends, family, neighbors, and strangers who share the same commute on the T, people we see on a daily basis. If we do not understand our community, how can we relate to them and provide the empowerment, tools, information, and resources that they need?  

ASG’s diversity allows us to view community issues from several perspectives, translate literature into a variety of languages, and gain the trust of our community. Our campaigns are impactful because they are people-centric, multilingual, and bold.  

Our Diverse Workforce:   

ASG is 100 employees strong and growing! We are proud to represent different ethnic backgrounds and genders. Having a diverse workforce is what allows ASG to drive our mission forward. When everyone is represented, everyone gets a voice and can be heard. This is how we build trust with our communities; they see ASG as a representation of themselves.

With 49% of our workforce identifying as Hispanic or Latino and 64% identifying as female, ASG fully understands our communities. We know how to speak with our communities and how to voice what they need. We know how to get them the information they need in a way they understand and supply them with resources that otherwise would not have been provided. We are the champions and the advocates for our people and our diverse workforce makes us that much more successful in our mission.

Keep Up with Us:   

ASG has only just begun our exciting growth to continue taking on our mission and we have no plans to slow down now. We will continue to:  

  • Create messages with language and culture in mind, using ethnic and mainstream channels to provide trusted and relevant information 
  • Connect with diverse communities, through door knocking, event planning and in person activations, lowering barriers to entry and building trust 
  • Use authenticity and experience to bridge the gap between traditional content development strategies and the needs of diverse communities 

We wholeheartedly believe in strategies that are data-informed, not data-driven. Campaigns are about people and people are much more complex than the statistics that represent us. ASG is a tight-knit group of multilingual creative minds driven by community impact and there is no slowing us down! Watch us continue to make an impact on our communities with our diverse workforce driving the mission forward.  

You can keep up with us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. If you are interested in joining our team and helping to move our mission forward, you can always check out our open positions as well.